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I want to go on an adventure with you my love
Away from everyone and everything
Just me and you my darling
Where we would  go to the beach and feel every bit of it
We get to mediate, think about every thing, our past encounters and the future
And then the water will take away our worries
So we never have to worry about anything or anyone
Because she’s beautiful and peaceful
To spread our hands wide open and breath in the fresh air
And we would run around the beach sides
We then get to try out new outfit
We get to try new delicacy
And then we get party till dawn
Am gonna get drunk with you baby
We are going to have all the fun and pleasures



Take me home

Take me to heaven
A place where there is no pain
A place where there is no trouble
A place where there is no evil
A place where I can call my own
A place where angels sing songs of praise
To hear the lovely harmony
A place where my spirit would be at peace
So I won’t wander anymore 
This world is not conducive anymore
A place where there are no lies
A place of true and genuine love
A place where I would never hunger nor taste
That place is called home, a home for all who wander, a resting place
For I can no longer feel at home in this place
I seek to depart from this place
Take me to heaven.



Candles lighted up everywhere in the garden,
Rose flowers on the walk way,
With nice fragrance in the air,
It was so lovely to have such a great scent in the air,
As I took a deep breath I felt so much at home,
So I walked through the walk way and followed the red roses,
To behold a mirror, I was so surprised at what I saw, 
I saw myself in the mirror in a bridal dress,
People gathered round the garden smiling and making merry,
I felt a touch, some one was holding me
And I hard a voice, it was father’s
Father said it’s time to walk you down the isle my little one,
We were walking down the isle,
He was giving me away to a man in black suit,
As we approached further I was flushed
I was turning red, I began to feel the presence of the crowd
Watching me, each step I took, I pressed his hands and he smiled at me
Finally I got to the alter there I met the man of my dreams
The breeze  took away my veil
Immediately it started drizzling
I woke up , and it was raining heavily and my windows were open  I then discovered it was all a dream.



I was once his favorite person, he was so fun of me, every part of me, I was his soul, his heart, I was his every thing, it all came to and And end within a blink of an eye, and everything changed we became stranger to each other, like we never had anything in common as if there was never any connections, he had no interest anymore.